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When I click connect, and select one of my google accounts, nothing happened afterwards, except, a transparent grey circle (above back-to-home menu) appears.

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Did you check in your Android notification bar and grant TabShop app access to your Google Drive. Without that grant, TabShop is not able to access your Google Spreadsheet.

In case the notification was not correctly shown I would try to logout and try the account selection process again until the Android system notification is correctly shown.

Best greetings,

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Hi Sam!
You are right. I almost disabled all notifications on my phone since it is too distracting, unfortunately, Google Play Services was not excluded. And yes, the notification is not correctly shown. So, I took steps to clear "data" and cache of Google Play Services, and voila! The popup is correctly shown.

Best regards,

Perfect, happy that I could help! :)
Thank you! I forgot to say that. Have a nice day and stay safe!
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