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Hello guys,

The free version of this app have some obvious issues. I would like to know is it the same with the pro version.

The invoice width is 58mm. How to make it 80mm.
The total invoice amount is lost among other numbers (hard to read). This font should be larger and in bold style.
Open invoices are lost after you sign out.
The layout is suitable for smartphone but not so for tablet.
Table numbers are in the text form which is not touch friendly. It should be in rectangle form, similar to products.
To speed up the checkout process first option should be exact amount so you don't have to type in this amount. And few common amounts should be available to tap on.

I like that it works offline.
Does PRO version work offline too.
Tested on Samsung Tab A7 tablet and Epson TM-T20III printer.

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1 Answer

Hi Ante,

Yes Pro version works offline as well. It does add all the features that are not accessible in free version. All customization in terms of printing char sizes etc. has to be defined with selecting your ESC/POS codetab and font size.

What do you mean with open invoices are lost after sign out? What kind of sign out do you mean?

Best greetings,

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